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Igniting Massachusetts Volleyball!

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Empowering youth athletes
through the sport of volleyball 

Our goal is to encourage a love for learning, sportsmanship, and the game of volleyball through team interactions that develop friendships, confidence, character, and ability.


1.  Competitive Volleyball
  • Exceptional coaches bring experience and enthusiasm to every practice--meeting athletes where they are and challenging each athlete to improve their physical and mental game

  • Two practices each week allow for high-quality reps in all areas

  • Competitive opportunities will occur at every single practice

  • Tournaments allow athletes to implement new-found skills against regional teams (usually 1-2 per month)

2.  Character Development 
  • In addition to developing physical volleyball skills, coaches will teach discipline, kindness, and sportsmanship

3.  Strength & Conditioning  ​
  • Strength & conditioning training will be provided to improve balance, speed and agility, vertical, and overall strength 

4. Fantastic Location

  • Practices (and potentially some tournaments) will be held at The Mill Works in Westford, MA

5.  Ignite Volleyball is FUN!

  • Athletes will discover the thrill of playing the game of volleyball with new friends!

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